Legends says no one ever made it trough the path at south...
But today, a new blue men attempt the impossible!

Goal : Get to the Blue men's village
Obstacles : A massive number of dogs

Good luck and have fun!

Arrow Keys  : Use Rhythm arrows
WASD Keys : character movement :)

If you enjoyed it or have feedback let me know!
Twitter : https://twitter.com/GabPou 
Discord : Gabriel|Pou#0740

Install instructions

Just run the exe file :)


Dog Galore Mac.zip 55 MB
Dog Galore (2022 Version) - Windows.zip 54 MB
Dog Galore (2022 Version) - Linux.zip 55 MB

Development log


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-Made a Video.

"pretty good. really want to get a full combo but after 32 combo the arrow moves too fast for me."

You got the "impossible arrow combo" without cheating. You're good at this


You did such a phenomenal job mixing together bullet hell mechanics with a rhythm game. I didn't do great but I did pass it... so I at least balanced both things at once to a certain extent. Please expand on this... I really think this concept is great and has a niche similar to Just Shapes and Beats or Project Arrhythmia.

Thanks for doing a vid!

It means alot <3


Wow this is amazing! The music really helped with the engagement. Took a little bit to get used to the gameplay but after that it was hella fun! Might be helpful to have a tutorial/intro level to help the player get used to how the game works :)


The game was fun, but it started way to hard.

Also I would prefer it, if the arrow keys, on the top, would be bigger.

I liked it!


thanks for the feedback!


This is really cute, it's a fun idea. 


so freaking fun lol. the dogs are epic


Award-winning rhythm game 2020. Fun level 1000


Prettty cool game! Keep it up